Sammyacht.com is a spin out activity of OptionsNet, a Greek SME activated in the ICT sector, based in the city of Patras. As a startup, Sammyacht.comhas been founded in 2015 by a group of highly-skilled computer engineers and information technology scientists, with experience in the design and development of information systems, integrated with 3rd-party platforms, cloud computing infrastructures and diverse sensing devices.

Sammyacht.comprovides a global platform forthe yachting ecosystem, with the vision to interconnect the world of marinas with the crew members and skippers. The novelty of the platform relies on the value of the advanced electronic services that a Marina can offerwith Sammyacht.com to the yachters, the wide-use of assisting and notification mechanisms that further exploit the capabilities of modern smart mobile devices and the technological breakthrough of using a multi-purpose sensor grid in the maritime environment able to reliably collect and propagate real-time data related to the water, the marinaenvironment and the berth space availability.

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Kanakari 73-75, 26223, GREECE
T: + 30 2610 240085 
F: + 30 2610 240086