Datamind provides leading edge technology in data recovery services to government agencies, businesses, and the general consumer.  We are a company who knows what it’s like to lose the most precious and confidential information, and with the use of state of the art tools and practices, we’re focused on retrieving the lost data in a timely and affordable manner. Datamind strive to grow and stay on top of the ever evolving technology industry and all the data storage options available, as well as failure potentials that may arise so that we can continue to provide a safe, secure & fast service for our clients. We know data loss can be detrimental to a company or business, as well as simply being a loss of precious memories, so having a company who strives to only provide the best service imaginable is and will always be our mission.

Company Details: 

Andreas Andreadis
Patras Science Park
Patras, Rio
GR-265 04

T: +30 801-100-2008
e-mail: info@datamind.gr
web:    http://www.datamind.gr