Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Helbio S.A. in Patras, Greece, has received an order from Faculdades Católicas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, for a 1 Nm3/h Fuel Processor running  on Bioethanol . The Fuel processor will capable to produce high purity hydrogen suitable for low temperature (LT) PEM fuel cells applications. 

The Fuel processor system processes a bioethanol feed and delivers hydrogen with purity >99.995 vol.%. This hydrogen is susitable for Low Temperature PEM fuel cells. Reformation of the input fuel is carried out in the a steam-reformer using HELBIO's patented technology. Elimination of CO is achieved using the water gas shift reaction. Purification of the reformate is achivied using Pd membranes. The hydrogen production capacity of the unit will be 1 Nm3/h and will be designed with provisions for fast integration with low temperature fuel cell systems .