EASN-Technology Innovation Services (EASN-TIS) is a Belgium based SME strongly involved in aeronautics and air transport related research projects. The establishment of EASN-TIS was supported by the EASN Association in order to create a permanent contact of the Association and act on its behalf in the framework of research projects. The contractual connection of the EASN Association and EASN-TIS provides a steady but at the same time flexible counterpart with access to the EASN database and contacts.


Company Details: 

EASN-TIS strongly supports the EASN Association during the creation of successful research consortia by identifying and bringing together the most relevant and appropriate partners for research activities of common interest. The access to the membership database of the EASN Association as well as the contacts to the respective associations of the Industry and Research Establishments, enables the identification of the most relevant partner for your research activities with national and international presence from the Academia communities, Industry and major Research organizations. The EASN database also enables the identification of partners based on their geographic location and areas of expertise. The unique connection with the EASN Association enables EASN-TIS to support in the preparation of successful collaborative research projects as well as partnerships in student exchange programs