eConais A.E is a dynamic fast growing company specializing in Ultra Low Power Embedded WiFi design, for the Internet of Thing (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

eConais’ produces self-contained WiFi modules for the embedded market under the family name WiSmart™. WiSmarts™ are intended to enable with network capabilities any network agnostic electic or electronic device which is incapable to support and handle the network functionality.

WiSmart™ comes with an advanced all-inclusive library with RTOS, WiFi management, WPA supplicant based encryption engine, powerful TCP/IP stack with TCP and UDP sockets support, sophisticated power management engine and DLNA renderer functionality.

The WiSmart™ modules have very low power consumption, without sacrificing the performance. They are achieving up to 10Mbps TCP throughput and WiFI roaming times as low as 18.4ms.

eConais offers to its customers the option of custom design based on WiSmart™ platform technology and addresses the most challenging and innovating product designs at global scale.

The company has presence in USA, China, Japan and Europe.

Company Details: 

Dimitris Leonardos

VP Product Manager

Patras Science Park
Patras, Rio

GR-265 04
T: +30 (2610) 911.561
E: info@econais.com, sales@econais.com