THYRATRON is an electronic applications company, that was founded in 1992. It is situated in Kydonies, Vasiliko Erymantos, in Achaia, Greece. Its main purpose is the research, development, manufacturing and trading of electronic apparatus and systems. The final products are checked by 100% so the customers are sure that the appliances are functioning well. 

   Thyratron's activities up to now, are automation and control systems, security, fire alarm and early warning systems, automatic security, caller systems, automatic elevator callers, diagnostic instruments for ships (Engine room monitoring), control instruments for refrigerators, electronic voltage protector - stabilizers, electronic voltage & frequency supervisors, data acquisition systems, asset tracking systems.

  THYRATRON applies modern technology and methods in the design, development, production and quality control for its products (microprocessors, SMT components, etc.)
     The majority of Thyratron's apparatus are adapted to the requirements and specifications of its "OEM" customers, holding a pride of place in the area of the electronics sub-constructors. Over 96% of its products are indirectly or directly exported in about 24 countries all over the world.

    Since 4 July 2012, the THYRATRON certified by Standard ISO 9001: 2008 and joined theinternational network -IQN-et-.

Company Details: 

Cydonies Vasiliko Erymanthou
Achaia Greece 25008

T: +30 2694 061 868

    +30 2694 062 001

    +30 6948 809 150

E: sales@thyratron.gr