NanoViis Innovative Nanotechnologies

NanoViis is a nanotechnology-based company founded and incorporated in Greece. NanoViis benefits specifically from its innovative capability and integrated technology platforms.​ We apply our creativity daily to new, future-oriented solutions, aligning ourselves to prospective markets with highly promising growth dynamics, developing essential and indispensable solutions for our customers. By using nanotechnology, we manage to create more functional, clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly products to solve daily problems for domestic and industrial usage. It sounds almost unbelievable, but the science of nanotechnology may be the right tool for the creation of “smart” materials. All products were invented, produced and tested in Greece and meeting the highest expectations. ​ Our aim is to provide customers with a wide range of products with advanced chemical and mechanical properties. Innovation in terms of products, processes and solutions that make a difference for our customers is an on-going theme for NanoViis. ​We are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable socio-economic development.


Dimitris Tsoukleris
Founder and CEO / CTO

21 El. Venizelou Str., Melissia, Athens, Greece, 15127

+30 2169004480

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Evangelia Gralista

Web Design Internship

Evangelia Gralista from Trikala,Greece is in her senior year at University of Patras in the department of mathematics. She is currently working as a web design intern at Patras Science Park (PSP).

Vicky Tomara

Development Director

Vicky studied Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business and she got a M.B.A. from University of Patras. Her experience and background focus on supporting businesses-academia partnerships. Especially, she has been primarily activated in innovation supporting tools, while she worked in the past as an economist and research project manager in the industry. She has a good knowledge of the Greek innovation ecosystem actors, including academia, research institutes, regional and central governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and industry. She contributed to the launch and development of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Office of the University of Patras where she served as a Technology Transfer Consultant for 4 years. She acted as the principal organizational officer on behalf of the University of Patras for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Patras IQ Innovation Exhibition. Also, she contributed to the launch and development of the Technology Transfer Office of Patras Science Park and she involved in the building of the collaborative network between both CERN procurement and CERN Technology Transfer Group with the Greek start up community & enterprises. She is currently the Development Director in Patras Science Park, she is member of the Advisory Board of the Proof of Concept and she participates in the selection committee in various regional innovation competitions.