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Kannabis Hub

Patras Innovation Hub

Research - Innovation - Collaboration - Services

  • Research and development of cannabis products-Biochemical analysis
  • Preclinical testing of cannabis products and vaping products
  • Regulatory framework for parapharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals
  • Green house automation systems-Hydroponics and aeroponics novel technology
  • Hydroponics, NFT, Float System, Abb and Flow. Smart fertilization
  • Plant Secondary Metabolism (phenolics, antioxidants, essential oils and

bioactive molecules). Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

  • Soil and water management
  • Nutrition-Advice
  • Monitoring and evaluation of experimental cultures-Molecular identification

of phytopathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses

  • Networking and Dissemination-Integrated Publishing, Exhibition and

Conference Support services

  • Consulting services-Informing potential investors for funding opportunities
  • Networking and strengthening of partnerships


Konstantinos Poulas

Director of BioHealth Hub

Patras Science Park Patras, Rio GR-265 04 Greece

+30 2610 962 353